hella bass for your face, just like a flat line, boom, gone without a trace,take a taste of this bitterness, bittersweet, take a seat, its gone before you know, and its in the beat, and this is how it be, til infinity, shout out ’93 setting up my lifeline, doin fine, improve the movement, imĀ pursuing, catch the cure, how it lure, since birth, astral underworks, where i got the skill, now i got the full meal, so now im servin, been slurrin, now take a hit of this three letters, and let me know how it settles.


legal drugs.

D R U G S 
on the path to success. 
I N E P T 
with the intellect. 
more proud than ashamed.
so its impossible for me to change.
stay in your lane. 
keep your distance.
and just be a witness. 
take it how you see it.
sit back and believe it.
read it and weep. 
cant learn nothing when you're counting sheep. 
tell me if I'm wrong.
here's an answer sheet.
nope, wrong. 
motherfucka that is incorrect. 
rub it the right way. 
until she wet, or until I'm erect.


even flow.

ii take a hit.
then i zone out, pan out. 
looking for gold. 
in search, way beyond measures.
a place you cant find on a map.
a place only found when you nap.
in a dream state, is where we stay.
in my state, which is CA. 
stay with the fuegs.
like satan when he rests.
so grab a pillow and a cover. 
cuz he be living out west. yes.

after party.

i said ewww, dropped it like i found out what it really was, nothing familiar, was it reallt what i thought is was, minds trippin, listen to this and amuse your buzz, times tickin, you can do it all but never abuse the drugs, but still got love for the nugs, and if they say grow up, i take a hit amd shoulder shrug, mutha fucka, im old enough to do what i wanna, shoutout micha b, im rolling weed on my diploma, amd addict of brewery and green leaves, reminds of my roots, we’ve been speaking so freely, salute to the truth been supporting the real me, double i to your third eye, now how you feel, i cleanse the soul and make the earth stand still,so think of me when u got nothing to think about, this aint no scenic route, i know cali in a drought, trynna keep her out,we got it wet, dont slip just glide, make the best of what we got amd we ride, get it while its ripe, success and satisfaction the best of all highs, no loose ends all tied, and we stat winnin


Take A Minute.

inhale, exhale take a second, before you know it’s been a couple minutes, how much times to i gotta say, time don’t wait, get played for the next 365 days, you can relate, if you burn one, from the sun down to the sun up, up before the birds and the worms, you know the text you know the terms, to who it concerns, we all killin this shit, we all consistent, but we all taking turns